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Ameriwest One is a growing Las Vegas Media and Realty Company specializing in eCommerce Support, Media Marketing, Residential Leasing and Vacation Rentals. Though we manage our own in-house eCommerce websites and are working towards positioning ourselves as a thriving force in the Media Marketing and Lead Gen Industry, we never lose sight of the foundation and cornerstone of our success, "Affordable Home Rentals". With millions of dollars in inventory and upwards of a 100 Single Family Residential Homes that are managed exclusively by us, we offer both long term and short term rentals.

As part of Ameriwest One's growth, two divisions emerged called Opus Media Group and Opus Realty Group. Both of these divisions specialize in Lead Generation and Single Family Rental Homes respectively. Our latest endeavor has been the entry into the vacation hospitality industry. This industry has seen an explosive growth thanks to technology companies like Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO. The travel industry is reaching levels never seen before and we look forward to serving this industry, especially in the city of Las Vegas where its one of the top destination hotspots worldwide.



Being a full service property management company, we offer various types of homes to choose from. Our single family residential properties range from simple 3 bedroom, 2 car garage homes up to 6 bedroom, 3 car garage homes with or without pools/spas. When it comes to renting our homes, we work with all types of people including the "Credit Challenged". We often say "Yes" when others say "No".


Whether you need to stay a few nights or an entire month while your on your vacation or on your business trip, we got you covered. We take being in the hospitality business very serious and take great strides in accommodating our guests. As we continue to grow our vacation rental business, we constantly are looking at ways to better our guest stays when they come to town. We're excited to offer you our vacation rental homes.


In today’s world, it’s all about the web. Online businesses are growing while brick and mortar businesses struggle to keep market share. We manage various eCommerce websites in-house and we host them either in our own server room or in the cloud. In addition to our eCommerce support, we are always looking at different ways to perform "Lead Generation" for various business models using various media marketing techniques.

All Rentals

All of our rental homes are available online for you to browse through. Please feel free to inquire with us on any property that you like. Whether it is available or not, we may be able to provide you more information that is not online. For normal renters looking for a standard one year lease, click the All Long Term Rentals button. For vacation renters looking for short term stays, click the All Short Term Rentals button.

Available Rentals

As soon as we have a property that is ready for occupancy, we update our online system so that our Available Inventory List is up-to-date. As always, if you have any questions regarding a property that is available for rent, please don't hesitate to contact us. For normal renters looking for a standard one year lease, click the Available Long Term Rentals button. For vacation renters looking for short term stays, click the Available Short Term Rentals button.

Our Leaders


A native of Las Vegas since 1984, W. Shane Kelly is the founding principal and C.E.O. of Ameriwest One. A software engineer by trade, Shane has excelled with years of studying modern web development and systems architecture design. Shane’s technology skill-set runs parallel with his passion and love for being an entrepreneur and managing his real estate portfolio.

President and Director of Operations

A native of Las Vegas since 1990, Chris Fanelli is the President and Director of Operations at Ameriwest One. With an extensive history as an owner and executive in the travel, reservation and time share industries, Chris has amassed an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience in advertising, marketing, acquisitions and top-level management of various entities.

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