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Ameriwest One is a Realty and Technology Company. We specialize in Property Management, Web Development and eCommerce Support. The foundation of our business is "Affordable Rentals Homes". With over 100 Single Family Rental Houses and Commercial Property managed by us, we have many different types of properties to rent. We don't outsource to some third party property management company or contractors as we have our own in-house staff dedicated to our tenants. The founder, W. Shane Kelly has been in the property management business since 2003 and has owned several commercial buildings, motel and apartment buildings. Since 2008 he has been adding Affordable Single Family Rental Homes to his portfolio. In addition to property management, we also host various websites and have a streamlined process of contracting with all types of talented programmers and designers across the globe to help us in building many types of web applications.



Amwest Properties is our private property management company offering various types of rental houses to choose from. Our single family residential properties range from 3 to 5 bedrooms with 1,2 or 3 car garages with or without pools/spas. We manage over 100 rental houses in our portfolio and never outsource the job. When it comes to renting these great homes, Amwest Properties works with all types of people including the "Credit Challenged". We often say "Yes" when others say "No".


Webcode Studios is our private Web Development Company. In today’s world it’s all about the web and Webcode Studios knows this. Online businesses are growing while brick and mortar businesses struggle to keep market share. Webcode Studios can design and development all types of online eCommerce websites and we uses our server room or the cloud for hosting. We can provide customized online platforms for various Marketing Campaigns in the "Lead Generation" industry.


All the rental homes we manage or support are available online for you to browse through. Please feel free to inquire on any property that you like. Whether such property is available or not, you may be able to receive more information that is not online.


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As soon as a property is ready for occupancy, we update our online system so that our Available Inventory List is up-to-date. As always, if you have any questions regarding a property that is available for rent, please don't hesitate to inquire.


Our Founder

C.E.O. and C.T.O.

A native of Las Vegas since 1984, W. Shane Kelly is the founder of Ameriwest One. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. A software engineer by trade, Shane has excelled with years of studying modern web development and systems architecture design. Shane’s technology skill-set runs parallel with his passion and love for being an entrepreneur and managing his realty company.

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